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Doctor Who 2005 2013 Christmas Special The Time The Doctor HDTV x264 FoV rartv
2013-12-25 21:37:24 GMT
Drarbg VIP

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Three new torrents uploaded within 10 minutes of each other, I'll pick the newest one. Hopefully I'm not left disappointed.
Has anyone downloaded this yet? Is it a valid file?
Acquiring now and will seed all day long.
works perfect woot woot
Yes, it's a valid file. Thanks, works awesomely! W00t!
Tnx good torrent!
Drarbg; you made my Whovian Xmas! great bcopt and the best of the best... very very sad tho...
so is this all of the modern doctor who? every actor from 2005 up to 2013?

the description is vague
Look at the file size. Do you think all episodes from 2005 to 2013 can be under half a gig?

The filename is indicating that the episode belongs to the Doctor Who series that began in 2005, it was broadcast as the 2013 Christmas Special and is called The Time Of The Doctor.

Really, it isn't that hard to understand if you pay attention to how other similar files are named...
No, mate. That bit only states that it is an episode from the 2005-2013 series. For the entire collection, look here: which includes everything EXCEPT 'The Time of The Doctor'.
Thanks for the upload. Now it's just convincing myself to watch the last Matt Smith episode.
I downloaded the file posted by VTV. Big mistake! It won't open with any of the FOUR players I tried. It's since been deleted. I should have come to Drarbg first!
Uhg, so many filthy leechers. Am seeding this for 2 days. Will post quality when fully downloaded, thanks Drarbg.
Vid: 720p, 9/10
Audio: 7/10
Thank you kind sir. I will seed for a week or so.
Whovian's appreciate your good torrent.
Drarbg's file played perfectly for me. I have no complaints on audio or video.
Is there anyway to get the Farewell to Matt Smith special?
this had better not be another fucking 720p garbo torrent
Torrent works fine... its a damn shame the episode is complete and total shit.

Seriously... this is so fucking lame I barely got through it without turning it off. Some of the hands down WORST writing I have ever seen on this show since it re-booted.
Drarbg, you rock! Will seed (of course.) :)

Yeah, the ep is shite. But I did shed a tear towards the end. Couldn't help it.
If its possible to get to get the Farewell to Matt Smith episode that aired on BBC America before The Time of the Doctor, I'll be eternally grateful.
I quite liked the episode. I thought it a great send off for Matt Smith. Point of fact. The foreshadowing was nicely done. The device the doctor "Nicked from the Master in the Forbidden Zone" is from the classic series story "The Five Doctors". This is also the story where the counsel offers the Master a complete new life cycle of regenerations if he aids the Doctor.
I would like to thank you for taking your time and uploading this for everyone including the ungrateful freeloaders I can not stand when i read all the cry baby rants on here because first of all half the time its just because the user does not know what the hell they are doing and second be grateful the shit is FREE so if you expect perfection EVERY TIME then try PAYING for it so that's my lil rant to all you free loading ungrateful cry babies lol if there is not a virus then don't bitch at least this person took the time to upload it so you can have it for free on your pc or whatever so please to all of the cry babies stop bitching and once again thank you for the great upload we love it