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[FSX/P3D] Orbx - FTX: Global VECTOR
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2013-12-27 21:30:55 GMT
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FTX Global VECTOR is designed for FTX Global BASE and requires that product to be installed also. Please visit this LINK to purchase FTX Global

Upgrade your Detail!

FTX Global VECTOR, which is the culmination of over two years of R&D and GIS data development now combined into a single product to cover your whole Flight Simulator X or Prepar3D world with superb new vector details like never before achieved on a global scale. FTX Global VECTOR is a partnership project between Orbx and Austrian company PILOT’s. The version of Vector you have is the download-only version exclusive to Orbx and specifically designed to work with both FTX Global BASE and FTX Global openLC as part of a total simulator overhaul.So the difference between what you had before and after Vector is quite remarkable; we like to compare it to a complete simulator upgrade, similar to the huge improvement FTX Global BASE’s textures provided.

    Accurate coastlines, rivers, lakes and other water bodies. Vector uses new shoreline and beach textures to add more realism which provides a more integrated and natural appearance
    Motorways, freeways, main arterials roads, roundabouts – all with moving vehicle traffic and specific underlays and skirtings to blend in better with landclass textures
    Golf courses, city parks and forests
    Extrusion bridges and tunnel entrances
    Tram lines where applicable, railway lines and railway yards
    Power lines using default models
    Corrected airport elevations for all default airports
    Ports and docks concrete textures


Vector 1.1 please.
Vector 1.1 please.
Vector 1.1 please....
i found vector 1.1 but my net is to slow to upload it,i can send u link if u want...and BIG THX to _SnakEye !
@ Snjufo1

Can you send me the download links of Vector 1.1?
Thanks in advance.
Works perfectly in FSX Win 8.1. Thank you very much for sharing Mr. SnakEye !
Vector 1.1 doesn't need crack.Works perfect for me
Thanks! Request for my home airport that just released a while ago:
There are two update with this that you have to have ... the vector 1.10 and the vector update 1.15. You can get 1.10 here at the bay ... and you can get 1.15 at FTX web site. But it won't run properly without those updates. When those are installed everything is good. Thanks for this software.
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