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Marvel Comics X-Men Bishop Lucas Bishop Miniseries

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Ah, Lucas Bishop - one of my favorite X-Men growing up because he was always a total badass. However, in recent years, due to his actions against Hope - the Mutant Messiah - Bishop has been branded a traitor and pariah and up until very recently he was stranded in the distant future. This collection examines Bishop in far better times, along with links to some other seminal works featuring him. This pack contains:

Uncanny X-Men 281-283, "Bishop's Crossing" (1991) - His first appearance, from the future.

Bishop 01-04 (1994) - The first miniseries looking at Bishop's role in the X-Men.

XSE (Xavier's Security Enforcers) 01-04 (1996) - Future X-Team? Of course it has Bishop!

Bishop - XSE 01-03 (1998) - A sequel to the above miniseries.

Team X 2000 01 (1999, One-Shot) - Bishop and Deathbird's relationship examined.

Bishop, The Last X-Man 01-05 (1999-2000) - Short-lived and rarely torrented series about Bishop's separation from the X-Men and his quest to find them again. Good stuff.

Gambit & Bishop: Genesis (2001) - A reprint collection looking at these two friends and good-natured rivals.

Gambit & Bishop: Sons of the Atom 00-06 (2001) - A nice miniseries with - wait for it - Gambit and Bishop. Shocker!

X-Treme X-Men 01 and 2001 Annual (2001) - Bishop's last team prior to Civil War with some cool bits about his powers in both these issues.

I will add some links in the comments box below - if you like this stuff then definitely check them out for a lot more Bishop! All thanks to the original uploaders and scanners, and as always please seed and enjoy! :-)		


District X and its follow-up, Mutopia X, starring Bishop, via nemesis43 -

The downfall of Bishop in the Messiah Trilogy, which also features "The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop" 3-issue miniseries, via me -

Also, be sure to check out Uncanny X-Force v2 (the current ongoing run) after you read this stuff because it deals with the fallout of Bishop's actions and his return to the present timeline. Spoilers - crazy future dude is PISSED. ;-)
As yes, the man who killed billions to save millions. Must be that future math! I'll check it out if only to remind myself how awesome he used to be.