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Date: 03/2014 Languages: English
Platform: PS3 Genre: Action

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In ages past, the world of Spira experienced a golden age of perfection
brought about by an advanced civilization through the use of wondrous
machinery called machina


Two years have passed since Sin was destroyed. Since her victory and becoming
a high summoner, Yuna has lived on her childhood home of Besaid Island
Then one day, Rikku comes to Besaid and shows Yuna a sphere. The recording
is of him. Or is it?


Game contains 2 bigfiles - so play from internal hdd

Note for < 4.53 CFW users: The game has many SPRX and a few SELF files, that all have 4.53 FW
requirement in their header. For people on 		


Thanx ffm58 been waiting on this one :)
Thanks dude. How about rogero 4.50?

Anything lower than 4.53 will require resigning files on your PC. Further instructions about this are included in the .nfo, and you'll have to google around for the tools and further instructions.

I'd recommend upgrading to Rogero 4.55 if you want this to be hassle-free.
There will probably be a fix for 3.41 3.55 4.46 soon.. I will upload it if released by opoisso.
Instead of installing to internal, use Habib Cobra 4.55 and make an ISO on external (FAT32 or NTFS).. works perfectly and no need to copy to internal.
im on rogero-cobra 4.46

i FTPd the game to internal then had MM copy it to external, MM resigned to 4.46.

i can launch the game to the menu screen then when i choose a game it gets stuck at a black screen, left it running for 20 minutes in case it was a hidden loading screen, no dice.
just FTPd a fresh download (to avoid any possible contamination from moving 1st download around so much) to internal, still gets hung up at a black screen just after selecting which game to play.

now trying to create an ISO file and see if i can get it working that way.
heyyouguys: I recall seeing something on another torrent site comment section that said multiman will only patch a certain number of files, and that there are over 1200 files that need to be patched, so multiman won't work to auto-patch the game for firmware less than 4.53 - your best option is probably to upgrade your CFW, or find tools on the web which will do a batch fix for you to a lower firmware.
Thank you for the game.
Playing on internal hd with rogero 4.55 and
I've noticed that there's no music.
@canuckgod, yes yure right i found those same instructions. however i have not been able to track down a tool that can resign as im asked to do, most likely because im not really sure i know what im looking for. but i found another site that had resigned all the files. the down side is that those resigned files are for the JP version. but i downloaded them anyways and copy/pasted them into this game and i was able to get into an actual game, but it wouldnt let me go further than the opening cutscene and stopped at the first line of dialogue. i can only guess its because the files i used were meant for another version. so im gonna wait a few more day until the game is officially released and perhaps a proper resigned US version starts floating about.
You can find resigned files over on PS3SceneFiles for CFW 4.21 and above.
@TMc51, thank you bud, tracked down the correct files from the tip on the site and now the game is working fine (so far, its the furthest ive gotten in the game after several fix attempts).
Hey guys, I'm kind of stuck in this one part of the game.
In the Besaid Cloister of Trials, my game always freezes IF I activate the Destruction Sphere. In case I don't, the game goes on normally as it should.
Anyways, as some who have played this game before, you know this first destruction sphere is almost mandatory, to get one Aeon later in the game, so, leaving this untouched is a no go.
Btw, the part where the game "freezes", is when you complete the trial, after pushing that pilar thingy. When Wakka appears, he says "Hey!", but you'll only get the subtitle, with no voice. He will walk into you, and then, you won't be able to do anything else, besides eigther pausing the game, or going back to the XMB.
I hope I'm not the only one with this problem :(
Jovette at least you past the point from my side im getting stuck at the begging of the game near the save sphere of the ruins were tidus is alone without Auron just like the Caravan version
@Jovette and @thanos27

What CFW are you guys on 4.53, or 3.55 and 4.21+ with resigned files?
@Sammy337, I'm on CFW 4.55 Team ZER0, from HABIB, with the latest version of MultiMan.
I'm running the big files from internal, on which I have used PS3 Splitter, to transfer to my external. I'll try moving the big files directly to internal using FTP to see if I can get past this part.
@Thanos27, I haven't had any problem in that part. Like Sammy337 asked, what's your CFW?
Yeah, running the whole game from internal seemed to do the trick.
I'll keep an update if I get another freeze at some point further in the game.
Cheers guys
It comes with both games? Crap, I don't like the X-2. Anyway, great up. Thanks. ;)
only english? or text in multi? thanks!